AutoCure is self-monitoring and self-adjusting through its custom designed software application which is displayed on a 7” Touchscreen.

AutoCure can be set to vent via a Time Max Threshold and a RH% Max Threshold for automated curing cycles.

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Set three digital sliders to desired venting parameters, and let AutoCure do the rest of the work.

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All curing data generated from AutoCure's vent cycles is logged to a secured online portal which customers are able to access via www.autocure.us.

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AutoCure is also programmed with a Manual Cycle feature that allows the user to vent the machine at will.

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Add descriptions to the data including strain and other information to analyze and standardize the curing process and the final product ready for sale.

A Customized Solution

AutoCure is available in three sizes to best suit your needs. Whether you’re a personal grower or a large-scale operation, we’ve got the right option for you.

Auto Cure works perfectly for high-end connoisseur type curing even on large scale applications. It can also be used as a perfect fit for extractors and concentrate companies who need extensive drying done before processing. The difference in applications is easily chosen on the 7" LCD Touchscreen.

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2.75” Ventilation fans

Heavy-duty venting servos


7" LCD Touchscreen


Laboratory-Grade Acrylic

  • Cycle Frequency: Auto Cure will vent itself once every "X" hours for the amount of time set on the Vent Duration slider (below). For example, if Cycle Frequency slider is set to 12, then the unit will vent itself once every 12 hours (twice per 24 hrs.)

  • RH% Max: Auto Cure will vent itself once the internal RH% surpasses the value set on the slider. For example, if the RH% Max slider is set to 56, then the unit will vent itself once the internal RH% surpasses 56%.

  • Vent Duration: Determines how long the unit will vent for. For example, if Vent Duration if set to 15 min, then the unit will vent for 15 minutes once it is triggered by either Time Max, RH%, or Manual Cycle.

  • Manual Cycle: Auto Cure will vent itself at the user's command for the amount of time set on the Vent Duration slider. Once Manual Cycle is pressed, a "Q" will appear on the button which means the process will begin shortly.
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Apply: MUST be pressed after the user changes ANY slider values in order to lock in the new parameters.

NOTE: In order to change slider values on the display screen, the user must press the "Apply" button immediately after changing the value(s).

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Small Unit

Medium unit 85598198c545ba66f5ba54a0b1cb971e28d8336fc067a96d8d3fe14d8917890a

Medium Unit

Large unit 6ed0e49c3fafa1599522dd8698d4b2565ba703121494c1a997f86f375bef8e45

Large Unit

Feature Comparison






5 - 7 lbs.

8 - 12 lbs.

75 - 80 lbs.


15" x 15" footprint

24" x 24" footprint

48" x 48" footprint


2 cubic feet

8 cubic feet

32 cubic feet

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