User Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Using the Auto Cure App
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. Customer Support
  5. Download the User Guide

Getting Started

For optimal results, place Auto Cure inside a room with a maximum relative humidity (RH%) of 50%. You can test the RH% of your room by turning on the unit (explained below) and opening the front chamber door. The RH% reading will show on the LCD Display.

Ambient RH% levels between 30%-50% show best results. Portable dehumidifiers and/or A/C units will suffice in controlling ambient RH% within the room.

Step 1

Plug in all three (3) Auto Cure electrical cords to the white extension cord included in the shipping box. When all three are plugged into the extension cord, plug that into a wall outlet and allow Auto Cure to boot.

Step 2

Keyboard will automatically open on the desktop screen and remain open as you select the WIFI icon in the top right of the screen (similar to a personal desktop computer). Using Keyboard, type in your WIFI password to access the network. Internet access will allow for monitoring by Auto Cure's technical services and loading cure data to customer portal accessed on

* Auto Cure will operate without internet connection, however connection is necessary for remote monitoring and logging of cure data to the cloud services.

Step 3

Select the "" icon once (one-click) with touchscreen and select "Yes" when asked to run the Auto Cure App. Once App has begun, press "Restore" in the window that says "Google Chromium Didn't Close Properly."

Step 4

Servos and Sensors are pre-calibrated and ready for immediate use.

Using the Auto Cure App

Step 5

Slider variables are set to defaults which reflect an approximate range for optimal functioning:

  • Time Max Slider: 24 (Machine will vent once every 24 hours; count resets each time a cycle ends)

  • RH% Max Slider: 65 (Machine will vent once the internal contents of the box reach 65%)

  • Vent Duration: .25 (1/4) Minutes (Machine will vent for 15 seconds once Time Max, RH% Max, OR Manual Cycle are triggered)

  • Manual Cycle: Machine will vent on command when pressed and will vent as long as Vent Duration dictates. Once button is pressed, a (Q) will appear on button signifying that the venting process is beginning.

* Note: When changing slider values, you must press "Update" at the bottom of the screen to lock in the values.

For instance, if the user wants to change Time Max Slider from venting once ever 24 hours to once every 16 hours, the user would drag the slider from 24 to 16 via the touchscreen and/or the +/- buttons and then press "Update."

Step 6

Keep all three doors (main door, intake door, exhaust door) closed during operation to maintain air seal and proper venting.


Step 7

OK to unplug system directly to shut down.

Step 8

If unit is unplugged DURING a venting cycle (while fans are on and servos are open), THEN restart the Auto Cure App as explained above in Step 3.

* Auto Cure checks its sensors once every 2 minutes. To ensure that Auto Cure is checking properly, press "System" folder (next to Home at top and above Temp and RH% readings) in the Auto Cure App and find the line that says 'Last Sensor Reading: 2 min'.

* If last sensor reading displays greater than 2 min, repeat Step 8 to reset the app (through the System folder), power down the unit, then power up and start app (Step 3).


Customer Support

For customer support questions, please give us a call at (760) 803-5122.

Download User Guide

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